Lilus Garden CEO Tom Guel Quoted in Forbes

On January 5th, 2018, posted a story titled “5 Unique And Fast Growing Brand Marketers Give Advice for 2018” on their website.  The website featured 5 different CEO’s from various industries and their advice for companies to succeed in 2018.  Included in that short list of esteemed entrepreneurs, was Lilu’s Garden CEO, Tom Guel. 


From Forbes: “Dominate Your Industry – “The world is changing very quickly and the old saying ‘only the strong survive’ is more true than ever in business. Setting out with the goal of just getting by or being a small mom and pop store to pay the bills is not enough to gain the momentum and competitive advantage necessary to compete and survive. In 2018, businesses that are not prepared to be the authority or ultimate specialist in their field will very likely not be able to keep up with the world around them, but businesses with leadership that have the mindset of dominating their industry will continue to see record growth.”  —  Tom Guel, CEO, Lilu’s Garden 


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lilus garden forbesLilu’s Garden CEO Tom Guel in Forbes