Ingredient Manufacturing

Custom cannabinoid blends lead to the use and utility for personalised formulations. Proven uses include, antioxidant properties, tightening of the skin, shrinking of the capillaries, reducing redness, reducing inflammation, helping with sleep, anti-aging and healing.

Hemp derived cannabinoid formulations are quickly trending as a preferred ingredient in many formulations.


Ingredient benefits are skin tightening, shrinking capillaries, reduces redness, reduces inflammation, sleep aid, anti-aging and healing and so much more...

Food & Beverage

Ingredient benefits are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, boost immunity, relieves pain, aids in sleep and reduces anxiety.


Ingredient benefits are minimized anxiety, cancer pain, arthritis, seizures, anti-inflammatory, increased appetite, reduces aggressive behavior.


Treats issues associated with epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, MS, cancer, IBS, sleep, pain and anxiety and so much more...


Major ingredient benefits are pain and sleep.



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