We use a specific strains of hemp that have been bred to produce the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and grown responsibly through our affiliates in the Lilu’s Garden Family of Farmers. Our work together has yielded strains of Hemp that provide plants rich with high levels of CBD and the highest range of cannabinoids on the market today. Contact UsCall Us NOW!

All of our hemp is grown at high standards following strict guidelines and organic procedures. We never, under any circumstance, introduce pesticides or other harmful chemicals into the growing process. And because of Lilu’s Garden’s implementation of our vertical integration structure, we have absolute oversight and control over this process. We know what goes into our plants because we put it there. Others cannot make that claim and do not truly know what is happening at the farm because they do not have the level of Quality Control that we have.

Lilu’s Garden uses the same strain of our own genetic that has one of the highest range of cannabinoids on the market today. Our non-THC cannabinoid content always tests for 0% THC.

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Tissue Culture Cloning

Using guidelines developed by our agronomists, we develop specific strains of Hemp which produce the highest quality hemp cultivars. These clones begin the maturation process first inside our R&D facility, then in compliant greenhouses and are finally planted on our farms until harvested for extraction and raw material ingredient usage.

Growing Practices

Our own site managers of Lilu’s Garden’s growing operations are responsible growers who use strict methods to ensure the highest quality produce possible. No pesticides of any kind are used in the growing process and lab tests are run on both plants and the soil to ensure the best crop possible. This process consistently yields crops that have an abundance of cannabinoids and very high-CBD percentages.

The Lilu’s Garden Cultivation Guarantee

1. We have consistency accross all genetics.

2. We follow a standard, proprietary grow operating procedure.

3. We grow naturally.

4. We own all our own farms and production centers.  Nothing is outsourced.

5. All our products are lab tested and guaranteed to be pesticide and chemical free.

6. Everything is grown in Colorodo.

7. Our product is guaranteed to be consistent in quality and price.

Partner With Us

If you are seeking the stability of supply, consistency of product and pricing, then do not hesitate to contact us at (303)390-0235 or fill out the form below and one of our relationship representatives will get back to you within 24 hours