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Lilu’s Garden is a wholesale only operation that can produce and deliver almost any extract product through our wide range of extraction techniques, product blends, and formulations. We have the ability to tailor our equipment to meet your company’s needs specifically and are proficient in Supercritical CO2, Hydrocarbon & Alcohol extractions methods. Our company understands the importance of consistency in the supply chain and that is why we have spent considerably on getting our supply and production departments running like the well-oiled machine that they are today. If your company needs a regular supply of CBD products and is seeking a committed supply agreement, please contact us at (303) 390-0235 or fill out the form below and ask about the discounted pricing available through our flexible supply contracts.


Attorney Compliance Letter (On File) – Coming Soon


Affiliations with University research studies – Coming Soon


Denver Compliance Letter (On File) – Coming Soon

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