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About our company

Founded in 2016 by business partners Thomas Guel and Charles Ciancanelli, Lilu’s Garden is named after Guel’s daughter Lily. Guel and Ciancanelli have deep roots in business and entrepreneurship, but have both experienced the amazing benefits of cannabinoid medicine first hand.

Before taking on his current role as Chief Executive Officer for Lilu’s Garden, Thomas Guel was a successful real estate developer. Guel personally witnessed the healing properties of cannabis after an inoperable tumor was discovered on his mother’s pituitary gland. After 30 days of cannabis treatment, the tumor had shrunk and its symptoms had abated, and MRI scans at 60 days showed the tumor had disappeared completely. Although statements about the healing powers of cannabis have not been approved by the FDA, there are many other patients who have shared stories of similar outcomes which Guel describes as being nothing short of a miracle. This personal experience was the motivation for him to leave his successful real estate business and fully commit his resources to researching, innovating and bringing the most advanced industrial hemp solutions to market.

Company President Charles Ciancanelli is a career entrepreneur who has worked in a number of fields including restaurant ownership and construction. Much like his business partner Tom Guel, Ciancanelli came face to face with the amazing properties of cannabinoid treatment when his sister was diagnosed with colon cancer. After a cannabinoid regimen was credited with putting her cancer into remission, Charles was called to make it his personal mission to spread the word and produce safe, reliable, high-quality CBD extracts.

The pair now brings their business acumen to the field of hemp production and cannabinoid extraction, hoping to share their own experiences with potentially life saving hemp-derived cannabinoids with the world. Building on the reliability and professionalism developed during their successful careers, the founders of Lilu’s Garden hope to elevate the cannabinoid industry in scale, transparency and reliability.


All-Natural Hemp Processor

Lilu’s Garden is a seed to shelf industrial hemp ingredient manufacturer located in Denver, Colorado. As the largest and most consistent hemp manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere, Lilu’s is regulated under Colorado Food Based Extractions. We process CBD, CBN and CBG isolates, multi-spectrum oils and water solubles as well as customized cannabinoid blends all of which are 100% THC free. Our patent-pending aqueous manufacturing process is solvent-free, clean, green and free of any and all synthetics. Cannabinoid based ingredients are ideal for use in personalized cosmetic blends as well as serums, creams, lotions, personal lubricants, make-up, food, beverages, nutraseuticals, pet food and treats among many others.




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