About Lilu's Garden

Lilu’s Garden believes that the only way to deliver quality and consistency is to control the process with the best management personnel that the market can provide. Our group consists of some of the most talented people in the industry and together we created a well-oiled machine that sets a new standard of excellence for the industrial hemp industry. Contact UsCall Us NOW!

Lilu’s Garden is a wholesale Industrial Hemp extract company that guarantees both the quality of product and the consistency of supply. We provide a wide array of quality CBD extracts that are produced from the highest quality, organically grown industrial hemp, under the strictest of operating procedures and quality standards. If you order from us, your product will be there on time and of the quality that you expected.

The Industrial Hemp Industry and more specifically the CBD and extraction markets are in their infancy and are therefore lacking some of the standards and consistencies that other industries take for granted. We understand that in order for your company to be successful, you need consistency from ours. We will go above and beyond to make that happen, so you can grow your business knowing that your supply chain can be counted on.

If you need to speak with a representative, we can be reached at (303) 390-0235 or by simply filling out our contact form. We are looking forward to providing your company with the consistency and quality that it deserves.

Our Extraction Process - In Detail

Lilu’s Garden products start with female only high CBD industrial hemp organically grown in Colorado. Lilu’s extraction process utilizes a unique -30F degree food grade alcohol extraction method resulting in extremely high (>95%)  cannabinoid extraction efficiency.

The extract is further refined into full spectrum THC free oil or CBD isolate utilizing our large scale chromatography methods a process requiring no harsh chemical solvents, and resulting in very little to no cannabinoid yield loss and high CBD purity. 

Our process eliminates distillation of the extract allowing preservation of the cannabis terpenes through the process and resulting in a much improved efficiency compared to traditional methods.

Meet Our Management Team

Charles R Ciancanelli – Co Founder & CEO

Bio – Charles R Ciancanelli is the son of a Vietnam Veteran.  He served as the Deputy Chief of Public Safety for the village of Stone Park, Illinois before becoming an entrepreneur.  He brings his passion for business and helping people to the industrial hemp industry by serving as the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lilu’s Garden. 

Nick Donaldson – Industry Consultant
Patricia Ortiz – Quality Control (QA/QC)
Tom Guel – Director Of Operations

Bio –  Thomas Guel is the Director of Operations for Lilu’s Gaden. He left his career in real estate after his mother was diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness.  After exhausting all treatment options, they turned to CBD’s, which he claims saved his mother’s life and inspired him to dedicate his career to providing the highest quality CBD’s through the team at Lilu’s Garden.

Greg Capolino - Director of Sales
Sean Lafferty – Operations Manager

Our Growers

Lilu’s Garden operates its own farms giving us complete control over all processes, output and quality of our product. We maintain the absolute strictist standards in every part of the process, from compliance to harvest and everything in between.  By owning our own Lilu’s Garden farms, it gives us the ability to control all variables that go into creating the best quality product for our partners.  It also gives us the ability to control our supply chain and guarantee delivery of any quantities we commit to, and most importantly, having everything done “in-house” gives us the ability to match or beat any competitors price.

Our Products

Lilu’s Garden offers a wide array of products produced from the highest quality organically grown materials. We can produce and deliver almost any extracted product through our wide range of extraction techniques and produce product blends or formulations that can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. We are proficient in Supercritical CO2 extractions, Hydrocarbon extractions & Alcohol extractions and can formulate our equipment to meet the specific needs of your company’s product.  Our “Core 4” products are CBD Isolate, Water Soluable CBD Isolate, Terpsulate, and 0% THC Full Spectrum Oil.

Our Process And How We Work


Our team of agronomists have produced proprietary genetic strains of Hemp that have some of the highest range of cannabinoids available on the market today. We continue to use the newest innovation to continually improve the quality of our raw produce.


Our agricultural representatives are highly trained and understand the intricacies of the growing process and are proficient in all aspects of compliance. Our team consistently produces what many of our clients call the best industrial hemp available on the market today.


Our extraction & processing team consists of some of the brightest minds in their field. Most of them have come from other markets and have had decades of experience not only in Cannabis, but in other industries such as the biodiesel, essential oils & fragrance markets. They have been able to simplify what can be a very daunting and complicated process and are able to provide complex formulations with relative ease. Our team is constantly exploring new technologies that can assist with the extraction and isolation of cannabinoids and terpenes and have been able to consistently produce the highest quality extracts and isolates as well as problem-solving for specific customer needs.


Our sales & distribution team is one of the most competent and knowledgeable in the industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to work out almost any issue that may arise for our clients. We have created a Flexible Supply Contract Program that allows our customers the ability to increase or decrease monthly orders at reduced wholesale price points. Because of Lilu’s Garden’s vertical integration and the communication between departments, we are very proud of the fact that we never miss deadlines or delivery dates and always deliver the same, high-quality product our customers deserve.

Quality Guarantee - Lilu's Garden

Quality Guarantee

From the seed and through final product production, our teams are held to the highest standards, resulting in products that are consistent and of the absolute highest quality.

Lilu’s Garden has developed a set of operating procedures that meet the highest standards, which assist us outside of the production realm as well. WE ALWAYS DELIVER and we pride ourselves in the fact that we never miss our customers’ deadlines which ensures our partners’ production is never interrupted.