Premium CBD Extract

Guaranteeing Quality of Product and Consistency of Supply


Setting New Standards of Excellence for the Industrial Hemp Industry.

At Lilu’s Garden, we understand that your company can not be successful unless you can rely on your supplier’s ability to consistently deliver the same high-quality product every time.  Being vertically integrated allows us total control over all aspects of the operations and absolute oversight on everything from the genetics and seed production, the growing process, the extraction process and even through post production. We can now guarantee that we can deliver both in the consistency of our supply and the quality of our products, because we are in control of the entire process. When you place an order with Lilu’s Garden, your product will be there on time and will be the quality that you expected every time. We Guarantee It.

  • Our Genetics are the same every time, which produces the same end product every time
  • Our hemp is organically grown and no pesticides are ever introduced, under any circumstance
  • Our Extractions processes are the same every time, so your product does not vary from delivery to delivery


Accurate CBD concentration and consistency of product guaranteed

Quality Tested

Produced under ideal manufacturing practices


All of our Hemp is grown with the same organic standards

Lilu’s Garden provides a wide array of quality CBD extracts that are produced from the highest quality, organically grown industrial hemp, under the strictest of operating procedures and quality standards.